There are at least 100 people that do what you do.

What's going to make them connect with you?

The difference between owning a profitable business and owning a business that constantly struggles is simple.

The business owners spend their time differently.

Struggling business owners spend most of their time searching for leads. They are constantly starting from square one; cold-calling, attending networking events that aren't fruitful, or tweaking their website because it's just not perfect yet.

Whereas successful business owners spend their time selling-to and connecting-with people who are already highly qualified. They find most of their conversations are how they can help solve their prospects problems, which are already identified.

Here's the thing.

Successful businesses are successful because the entrepreneur spends their time talking with qualified leads, not searching for them endlessly.


How does your business stack up?

How many conversations do you have a week with qualified leads?

If the answer is less than 10 it's time to make some changes fast.

The million dollar question remains, how can you bring in 10 or more qualified leads a week without spending your time and energy chasing them down?

  • Let's look at it this way:

    You are in business, you help people solve a problem. The first place anyone goes when they are looking for help is the Internet. From solving health issues to purchasing new skis, the internet provides the most information the fastest.

  • Doesn’t it make sense that the easiest way to generate a constant stream of qualified leads for your business is online?

It does.


I'm Kelly Robbins, MA, Founder of The Copywriting Institute. I spend less than $200 a month on marketing and advertising and bring in, on average, 150 new leads a month.

I constantly have a steady stream of new, qualified leads to talk with each month, which I do working from home while I raise my three daughters. I do this all online with minimal effort - and I can teach you to do the same.

Part of the reason I have such phenomenal results is consistent marketing. There's no getting away from that. There is, however, another important factor that plays a huge role in my success....and that is because I have SOUL in my marketing.

People tell me over and over again they were playing around online and stumbled across my site and just had to reach out and talk to me. Sometimes it's one word or phrase that catches their attention. Other times it's a feeling they just can't put words to.

You may have a website and maybe publish an e-zine or do some social media posts in an attempt to generate leads. You have an online presence, but if you are not making the money you want it's not a risk to say what you are doing is not working. It may be taking too much time, or not connecting with prospects in the right way, or not flowing your prospect through the marketing funnel correctly.

Businesses that are successful with marketing know there is a proven, automated, systematized way to do this. They put their system in place, work with the qualified leads that come in every day, and make money from there.

Businesses that are doing marketing and still not attracting qualified leads are struggling because they can't see what they are doing wrong. What's often missing is "the soul" in their marketing.

What does marketing with SOUL mean?

It means you have YOU in your marketing. I am a firm believer that to be successful in your business you need to build your business your way -- and let people know it! That means your marketing and your messages come from YOU and people feel and sense that when they read your website or watch your video.

You've sensed it yourself when researching websites.

Some resonate with you more than others - and it's because the company put some SOUL in it.

My Building Your Online Business with Soul workshop is exactly what you need to get your automated marketing system done


make sure it conveys your personality and your essence to your ideal clients!

One of the biggest misnomers people have when they set out to build a business is they set out to create a magical website that brings in thousands of dollars a month and imagine they don't have to do anything. They think they can put up a simple website and the phone will start magically ringing.

The truth is, business doesn't work that way.

People want to buy from people, not cold companies and not 'cookie cutter' businesses that say what everyone else says.


You have to have a website - that much is true.

You also need to create a marketing system that allows people looking for a solution to a problem (that you solve), to raise their hand and let you know they may be interested in what you have to say.

Your job is to create several risk-free touch points for prospects so they can continue to learn more about you and what you do.

This builds trust.

You can create this atmosphere of trust once and automate it so people that click on your webpage get the same awesome information that teaches them about you.


The good thing for you is, you only have to create this once.


It's time to stop thinking about making money and generating leads online and start doing something to make that happen!

Your marketing has to have SOUL to sell.

What do I mean by having SOUL in your marketing?
  • It has personality
  • Makes a connection with your perfect client
  • Not a cold or corporate feel
  • Creates Trust
  • Entices people to want to learn more

How does your business feeeeeeel?

People feeeel the energy of what you put into your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or off. It's easy for others to feeel your energy when speaking or attending networking events because you are live. It's much different creating an effective feeeeling  online - it takes some specific skill in your writing. That's why I'm dedicating October 22nd - 24th to help you plan, create, and write the three basic pieces of your marketing funnel. You'll work individually with me to be uber-clear on your niche, have your own proven process to attract, qualify and connect with prospects, and network with select group of entrepreneurs in a safe and loving space.  Imagine the relief you'll feel when the basics of your marketing system is completely finished and you can focus your time and energy on selling and working with the qualified leads that are contacting you rather than chasing down anyone that will answer the phone.

Who should attend the Building Your Online Business with SOUL workshop:

  • You. If you are not getting qualified leads
  • You. If every sales conversation leads to low-priced projects or bidding on price vs. value
  • You. If you are ready and willing to commit 3 days to focus exclusively on making more money and getting things done
  • You. If you feel like your existing marketing pieces are lacking SOUL
  • You. If you have been working on your website, free report or e-zine for months and still not making progress
  • You. If you have a website, free report, e-zine and/or autoresponder series and still struggle to attract high-paying clients

Building a lead-generating business doesn’t start with a website – which is the first thing most people do. It starts with a system and a flow you walk people through.

In our Building Your Business with SOUL workshop we will walk you through building your online marketing system from beginning to end. Step-by-step.

Some of the things you are going to master for yourself and others...

  • What should and should not be on your website to make money
  • How to capture hot leads' email address and build a list... without spending thousands of dollars a month on advertising.
  • How to create a free report or giveaway that raises interest and encourages action
  • The best way to have a steady stream of sales conversations with qualified leads
  • Step-by-step auto responder series that generates prospects
  • Best practices for keeping newsletter subscribers long-term
  • How to get on the first page of Google – without spending thousands of dollars a month

" The Marketing with SOUL workshop was just what I needed. It gave me dedicated time to focus on my own business, instead of my client's businesses. I had the space to not only think (or strategize), but actually do some of the writing that I never make time for. Kelly made it very comfortable and was able to give a lot of individual attention to each of us."

Janice Sakata-Schultze

"Attending Kelly's Marketing with Soul workshop was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've made to move my freelance copywriting and content marketing business forward. She offered the other attendees and me much needed and appreciated one-to-one attention in writing our marketing materials and really fine-tuned the exact message each of us wanted to convey. As a current coaching student with Kelly, I've seen my income and client retainers double in the past year, likely as a direct result of working with her. After this weekend, I'm expecting to get even better results!"


Denise Bonniwell

Here's how the Building Your Business with SOUL workshop will work:

The workshop will be held October 22nd, 23rd and 1/2 day on the 24th in Denver, Colorado

Your journey begins with a one-on-one strategy session with me. We'll discuss where you are at in your business, where you want to go, and what struggles you've been having. You might have some work to do before the workshop, but you'll come to Denver crystal clear on your niche, the top three touch-points to engage them in conversation, and your plan for your business and what you'll create over the three days.

Your three days in Denver will be hosted at the illustrious Denver Athletic Club, the oldest and wealthiest private club in the area. We are in a space of beauty, abundance and possibility. Getting out of your home environment and into a safe, loving space with training, personal coaching and feedback on your materials is exactly what many of us needs to get some of this writing, creating and business building done!

We all work at a different pace. Our workshop ends Saturday at noon, but the creating doesn't! You still have two follow-up calls with me to review and provide feedback on your copy, bust-through blocks and shortcomings, and get your marketing done once and for all so you can shift into sales and conversation energy rather than 'creating my marketing' energy. They are both important. They are both necessary. They are very different.

I invite you to spend October 22nd - 24th with me and a select group of entrepreneurs where we will create your marketing from a space of abundance, ease and possibility.

Building Your Online Business With SOUL

This workshop is exactly what you need to get your automated marketing system done AND make sure it conveys your personality and your essence to your ideal clients!

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