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As a new copywriter, it’s easy to get off course. That’s why I appreciate Kelly’s e-coaching program. Each week challenges me to refocus on marketing my business and gives practical and in-candersonphotodepth tips for how to do it. I actually find myself anticipating to the next installment at the end of every email. It’s like reading a great business book, except the information is conveniently delivered in bite-sized chunks.

Christine Anderson, Copywriter

Dear Aspiring Copywriter,

You’re not alone. Every year, new copywriters spin their wheels trying to build a profitable business.

Most copywriters never get the help they need… and end up frustrated, out of money, and eventually out of business.

Yet, you can succeed IF you have the right tools and an experienced mentor. Coaching Is The Key to a Successful Business, and Many Copywriters Don’t Make the Investment Because of How Expensive Coaching Has Traditionally Been… Until Now.

Hi. My name is Kelly Robbins, CEO & Founder of The Copywriting Institute, one of Bob Bly’s “Best Copy Coaches”, and creator of the 10k Copywriting Course…

…my most popular coaching package, which helps aspiring freelancers build a 6-figure copywriting business in only 6 short months.

Over the past decade, I’ve become a top copywriter in the healthcare niche and a trusted business coach to entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Today, most of my time is spent coaching clients in all types of businesses who pay me a yearly retainer to accelerate their growth.

But I wasn’t always this successful.

In 2000, I was working in the marketing department of United Parcel Service (UPS), pregnant with my 3rd daughter, and struggling to find balance between work and home.

Whenever I thought about not having a healthy work/home balance, I got physically sick to my stomach.

I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and quit my job. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I only knew that not doing anything was going to keep me stuck in a J-O-B that stood in the way of the lifestyle I wanted. It stood in the way of me driving my daughter to brownies every Thursday.

Like most copywriters, I started out on my own – without someone to mentor me.

I struggled long hours to slowly increase my revenue, dealt with clients who refused to pay me, and nurtured self-sabotaging habits that prevented me from achieving any real success.

You Can Know Everything There Is to Know about Sales & Marketing (Even Direct Response and Guerilla Strategies) and Still Not Get Ahead.

Here I was with a Master’s Degree in Communications, years of sales & marketing experience from UPS, and I was stuck in my own business. Nothing was working.

That ended the day I hired my first coach.

Coaching was the missing ingredient that transformed my copywriting business from commodity writing to a highly sought-after marketing solution.

I highly recommend Kelly’s Bite-Sized Marketing e-Course. It’s like having your own private business coach visit your inbox every week! The weekly emails have the perfect mount of content and actionable steps outlined for you so you can implement whaRoslyn Yeet you’re learning without it being overwhelming. Kelly also provides many valuable resources inside the course which saved me a lot of time from having to find them myself. This course was well worth the investment!

Roslyn Yee, CHHC

Today, I work at home around my daughters’ school schedules, enjoy regular vacations, and live the writer’s life that once seemed impossible.

After being sought-out by students to help them achieve their own success, I launched The Copywriting Institute in 2007 as a safe place for individuals to get good at writing copy, build a business at the same time, and find the confidence to live life on your own terms.

Until now, you would have had to purchase my top coaching package (priced at $10,000 and worth every penny) to get the kind of guidance that has helped my students earn “top paid copywriter” status within 12 months (sometimes less).

But I’ve taken all that know-how and experience and have packed it into a new product called the “Bite Size Marketing Coaching Program,” an affordable e-coaching program for self-motivated copywriters searching for help creating a business that reflects their true self and creates wealth.

Many Copywriters Fail by Copying What Works for Their Favorite Guru. In My Experience, You Will Only Succeed Once You Discover What Works for YOU.

Being successful requires having access to the best tools AND the best personal guidance. You need both, and there’s no substitute for either.

Even gurus have business coaches and participate in mastermind groups. My own coach and “millionaire maker” David Neagle, for instance, speaks quite openly about the importance of coaching in his ongoing success.

Imagine What Your Business Would Look Like in One Year If You Simply Had Someone to Help You Discover What Works for YOU

The “Bite Size Marketing Coaching Program” reveals:

  • The exact questions to ask to create demand for your services with prospects

  • Which self-sabotaging behaviors can derail your success

  • How to position yourself as the expert, instead of an “order taker” with your clients

  • The seventeen most effective client attraction strategies working for freelance copywriters right now

  • How to avoid the most common (and embarrassing) mistakes new copywriters make …and much more!

46 Modules, 1 per Week with Action Plans

The “Bite Size Marketing Coaching Program” gives you bite-size servings of powerful business building strategies each week.

Each module will dive deep into one strategy for building your business, giving you time to master and, more importantly, implement the strategy before you begin a new one.

You get to work at your own pace.

Kelly, I’m too embaJamesheadshotrrassed to tell you how much I’ve paid for the education you’re practically giving away. Your lessons on marketing strategy are easily worth the cost of the product, and your mindset teachings, practical wisdom, and weekly action plans are pure gold!

James Clouser, Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Here’s all the material we’ll cover:

Module 1:   Discover and Live Your Purpose

Module 2:   Become Wealth Conscious

Module 3:   Choose a Lucrative Niche

Module 4:   Identify and Target Your Ideal Client

Module 5:   Attract High-Paying Clients that LOVE You

Module 6:   How-to (and How Not to) Build Your Copywriting Website

Module 7:   Attract Highly Qualified Traffic to Your Website

Module 8:   Create a Powerful Lead Generation Magnet

Module 9:   Creating a Professional Image

Module 10:   Systemizing and Automating your Marketing

Module 11:   Construct Your Electronic Newsletter (E-zine) – Part 1

Module 12:   Construct Your Electronic Newsletter (E-zine) – Part 2

Module 13:   How to Build Your Newsletter List

Module 14:   17 Proven and Specific E-zine Marketing Techniques

Module 15:   Treat Your Copywriting Practice like a Business, Not a Hobby

Module 16:   How to Choose a Business Name, Type of Business, and Keep Up with Accounting and Taxes

Module 17:   Hiring People to Help Run Your Business

Module 18:   Developing Your Marketing Plan (The Easy Way)

Module 19:   Exposing Your Personal Brand

Module 20:   How-to Generate Demand for Copywriting Projects with Your Prospects

Module 21:   Create a Surefire Sales Funnel

Module 22:   Becoming a Published Author

Module 23:   The 7-Step (Kelly’s Signature) Article Publishing Marketing System

Module 24:   Catch the Attention of the Press

Module 25:   Blogging as a Lead Generation Tool

Module 26:   Teleseminar Magic

Module 27:   Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies: Podcasting

Module 28:   How to Tap Industry Associations for Juicy Leads

Module 29:   Speaking: The Fastest Route to Success

Module 30:   How-to Get Other Business Owners to Happily Refer Work to You

Module 31:   Handling the Inbound Sales Call and Presenting to Clients

Module 32:   Writing Samples and Your Portfolio

Module 33:   Successful Sales Calls

Module 34:   The Two Words that Keep Customers for Life

Module 35:   Pro-Bono Work: Dos and Don’ts

Module 36:   Reactivating Inactive Clients

Module 37:   Using Your Brochure and Business Card as Powerful Lead Generation Tools

Module 38:   Secrets of Facebook Marketing

Module 39:   Google AdWords: The Fastest Way to Drive Targeted Visitors to Your Website

Module 40:   Facebook Ads: How-to Create Celebrity and Attract a Raving Audience

Module 41:   3 Secrets to Getting on the First Page of Google

Module 42:   Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Visibility

Module 43:   What to do When You Are Overwhelmed by Failure

Module 44:   Creating WOW Customer Service

Module 45:   Add 100K or more to your Revenue by Adding Coaching Services

Module 46:   Creating Passive Income Streams in Your Business

…including AUDIO TRACKS (for those who learn better by listening) and an action plan for each module!

Step Boldly into Your New Life as a Successful Professional Freelance Copywriter

Again, in order to get access to the insights I’m providing in the Bite Size Marketing Coaching Program, you would have to invest $10,000 in my top business coaching package.

Today, you can access the strategies and guidance that have launched 6-figure copywriting businesses in less than a year for just $360.

But you’re not going to pay $360 today. Not even close.

You see, a year from now I want to hear about YOUR success story. And I want to know that you made it happen because you had the opportunity and had absolutely no reason to pass this by.

Maybe even a story like Michelle’s…

I hired you to teach me to market my copywriting company. Well, you did such a dang good job coaching me that I have so much business I don’t know what to do! In the month of June, I quoted over $15,000 in work. Isn’t that amazing? And already this month (even with the holiday), I have 2 new inquiries and meetings set up this week. I guess it’s not that shocking–I michellesalaterfinally put into play everything you told me to do and, well, I’m making it happen for myself. Thanks for being such an awesome coach.”

Michelle Salater

Ready to step-up and make this YOUR year of wild success?

Here’s how it works: you pay $29.95 today, and just $29.95 each month for 12 months – and you can get started today. Your success is worth at least $29.95 today, isn’t it?

Buy Now for $29.95 a month for 12 months

Still Not Sure?

Here’s one more thing for you. Purchase today and you’ll also receive a bonus, private coaching call with entrepreneur Kelly Robbins. You’ll have that special time to work directly on your own business at no additional cost. A $400 value!

Get started right now for only $29.95. Don’t put your future on hold any longer. Change starts with taking that first step – today.

“I want to be the best I can possibly be in my new copywriting business, and with Kelly’s guidance, this dream is becoming a reality. If you are just starting out as a freelance copywriter, or have a business that hasn’t been growing like you’d like it to, Kelly’s course can make a huge difference for you.”

Nancy Chesnutt
Chesnutt Copywriting

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